For Janie's intensive, her main priority was freshening up her Instagram feed and creating templates that would streamline her social media planning. So, we focused first on her color palette, font system and templates for her content. We also had some time left for a primary and secondary logo, so we whipped that up for her, too.

Janie Herron is all about helping women find balance in their health journey. Many of her clients are busy moms who need extra guidance on getting back into a fitness routine, or extra support in making time to focus on their health again.

Janie's services are primarily virtual, so her online presence is extremely important. She came to Solmade looking for a social media refresh that would better appeal to her ideal audience and convey her business' values– strength, boldness and support. So, the color palette and typography was developed to convey this unique dichotomy of strength and softness, which perfectly encapsulates the mission of her business and her signature fitness service– Balance.

Janie Herron is a fitness, nutrition and hypnobirthing coach who specializes in women's health, pregnancy and postpartum. 

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