To round out the identity, I drew several abstract plant illustrations that feel like a mix of vintage and contemporary. I also developed an earthy color palette featuring bold terracotta hues to complement rich greens and soft neutrals. And we took a more humanist + educational approach to photography, which features more imagery associated with the plant education aspect that is so important to The Ginger's Garden.

The Ginger's Garden offers an assortment of plants, pots and other handmade, local goods. The brand identity was designed to reflect this eclectic, earthy, and playful soul. The logo utilizes a typeface that's a little vintage, a little contemporary and a little organic. Circles are a recurring theme throughout the submarks, as they represent the ideal of community and "one-ness" that this business holds so dear.

The Ginger's Garden is a pop-up plant shop with a big heart. The business' mission is to create community by sharing plant education and supporting other local small businesses through resale of their goods.

The Company

Brand Identity, Print, Social Media Direction