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I feel strongly that your brand should stand apart from the rest in your space, so I focus on the details and customize each element of your branding. And everything we create is intentional.

This intentional, strategic approach has led many of our clients to gain a whole new level of confidence,  clarity and energy in their business before we're even done with the design :)

MADE with intention


My approach to design focuses on strategy first. We start by digging deep into your business. We want to know every detail– your target audience, product, vision, mission.

Once we understand the goals and values of your business, we can craft a purposeful brand identity that is made specifically for your ideal customer and fully aligned your business' purpose.


My Approach

I'm Jennifer, the founder and lead designer at Solmade Studio. Design is my greatest passion, and I thrive on creating beautiful and meaningful brands for our clients.

At the end of the day, good design solves problems. And, as a business owner, you wear enough hats. So let us take your branding problems off your hands and provide you with an elevated brand that will win your customers' hearts.

I craft bold, transformative brands. Let me help you find confidence and clarity in your business.