The practice of medieval alchemy is the practice of mixing early science and mysticism. One of the cornerstones of alchemy was the belief in an elixir of life, which would grant eternal youth and health. This is the tongue-in-cheek foundation behind Alchemy Beauty. The logo itself is inspired by one of the four classical elements, air. I modified the crossbar in the "A" to be straight (instead of the original curved font) and extend beyond the left and right sides of the character, much like the air symbol. A diamond detail over the "e" (or over the "A" in the brand mark) nods to medieval art, design and calligraphy. The full identity comes together to feel romantic, mysterious, edgy and contemporary.

Alchemy beauty specializes in natural anti-aging products such as serums, scrubs and moisturizers. The brand's target audience is women who are a little edgy and value the story behind the brand as much as the quality of the products - that inside each product is a little medieval magic helping turn back the sands of time. Storytelling is a key aspect of Alchemy's brand image. Which is why we pushed the typography and really explored textual layouts and poetic copy.

Alchemy is a clean beauty brand for badass ladies (and gents) who want to enhance their natural beauty with simple, organic products. Their serums and scrubs are made with the best natural ingredients and a dash of magic.

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