The Stuffed Kookies logo features a simple sans serif font as its foundation to reflect the traditional side of the brand, but the curved type, "bite" of it the letter "i" and the smile under the logo pull in the playful side. I then created a monogram submark that is a literal ode to their signature Stuffed Kookie with its dome shape and slightly irregular hand. The identity is rounded out with abstract circles and rings that allude to traditional circular cookies, as well as a soft and earthy color palette of browns, creams and a touch of pink.

Stuffed Kookies is a small-batch bakery with a mission to put a smile on your face. Their recipes are rooted in traditional flavors, but some of their sweet treats come with a twist. Their signature treat, the Stuffed Kookie, consists of cookie dough stuffed with fillings and other yummy ingredients, all baked together in a fun dome shape. This brand identity combines their traditional baking foundation with the playfulness of their products for a unique brand experience that's friendly and fun.

Stuffed Kookies bakes love and fun into every sweet treat they make. From traditional brownies to their signature Stuffed Kookie, there's something for everyone and all of their treats will leave you with a smile.

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