Adventurous typography and soft, inviting imagery are the foundation for Sunday's branding. We wanted to draw customers in with a warm, neutral color palette and luscious, moody bedding shots. The brand's logo is inspired by a classic calendar design with a "box" around each day of the month. We kept the logo simple so the brand's typography could really stand out against it. And so, we paired an elegant calligraphic font with a modern sans serif font to create beautiful type treatments for the brand's marketing collateral.  The brand mark (script "S" with a star) is a stylized take on the astrological symbol for Sunday, which is an open ring with a dot in the middle. The full identity comes together to feel luxurious, moody, edgy and contemporary.

Sunday offers Fair Trade Certified™, eco-friendly textiles for the modern homebody who loves a side of ethics with their beautiful home goods. The direction for the tone and marketing strategy of this brand was to be a little edgy and tongue-in-cheek, so the brand identity was designed to reflect that. We paired a soft and elegant font with strong and modern typefaces to represent the contrast of luxurious soft goods with bold, relatable messaging.

Sunday is a home goods brand that offers high quality, eco-friendly bedding that will make you want to stay in bed all day. 

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